Monday, September 14, 2009


I have just finished a novel that's due out June 1, 2010. My life is interesting to say the least. You see, I have eight books that are out there already. Some of them are easily obtainable, some are not. The books that are easy to get your hands on are: BLESSED TRINITY, STRONGHOLDS, IF MEMORY SERVES, and PRACTICING WHAT YOU PREACH. My ninth book releases November 24, 2009, entitled GOODNESS AND MERCY. The book I just turned in is called THE TRUTH IS THE LIGHT.

If you don't know anything about how my books are structured, let me tell you that I say they play off each other. What originally began as one book with no intentions on my part of me ever writing a series (that book was called THE ROSE OF JERICHO), became a sequel with the writing of PROMISES BEYOND JORDAN. Here again, that should have been the end of things, but then came WINGS OF GRACE. Following WINGS OF GRACE was what my publisher and I dubbed a trilogy. It was to be The Blessed Trinity Trilogy. Those books included BLESSED TRINITY, STRONGHOLDS, and IF MEMORY SERVES. But these books played off the first three.

I write each book to stand on its own but if you happen to read them all, it makes your experience oh that much greater. After IF MEMORY SERVES came PRACTICING WHAT YOU PREACH, and in November comess GOODNESS AND MERCY. So what was called a trilogy is now being called The Blessed Trinity Series. Most people have called my books The Pastor Landris Series which is quite suitable a tag. That's because Pastor Landris as well as a character named Johnnie Mae show up in some capacity in each of my books.

The challenge for me is being so far ahead of everyone (usually I'm two books ahead like now GOODNESS AND MERCY is done but not out yet, and THE TRUTH IS THE LIGHT is also done and on its way next year). When I speak with book clubs or people reading my books, I have to remember where they are in their reading and not accidentally disclose anything that's coming. My life is interesting because once I'm writing a new book, I tend to fall in love with that book. I laughed when I finished THE TRUTH IS THE LIGHT because I was so in love with GOODNESS AND MERCY prior and now I'm in love with the new book.

So if you were to ask me what my favorite book of my books happens to be, I most likely will say the one that I'm writing/reading at the time. There's still more work to be done with the new book releasing in June of 2010. I have to hear back from my publishing editor as to what she thinks. But I'm already moving on with ideas for three more books, which means, the series will continue. Honestly, I'm starting to feel like the LEFT BEHIND series' authors. I remember hearing how it was at one time one book, then it was going to be three. Then it was seven and done, that turned out to be ten and through, which morphed into eleven and it's finished, only to see number twelve.

Here's what I will say: I will continue as long as God says so. He is in control from me to who publishes me and to those who bless me by the reading (or listening as my books are also audio books) of my work. And between me and you: I'm excited to see what all God has in store for us. Regardless, it's going to be good! Good reading to you!

Vanessa Davis Griggs

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