Saturday, October 15, 2005

Excerpt from Vanessa Davis Griggs' novel: "Promises Beyond Jordan"

The first excerpt I'm posting here is the one I generally read from Promises Beyond Jordan when I am asked to read something from my book. It's short, but gives you an overall feel for part of what's going on in the story. If you'd like to read the first 3 chapters, go to that section of my Web site.

George Landris is engaged to Theresa Jordan. Nine days before their wedding, he utters these now famous words: "Have you ever loved someone that you never had?" as he's about to leave from Atlanta to go to Birmingham, Alabama. This scene is the one that followed after his return home.

Chapter 8
“Fire Shut Up In My Bones”

Inside the spacious foyer, a large crystal chandelier sets the tone for the rest of the house. George really wanted to get out of the clothes he’d worn since last night, but Theresa started in on him before they got past his study.

No, she didn’t understand why he had to be gone for three days. No, she didn’t see why he had to go in the first place. No, she wasn’t planning on acting this way every time he has to go check on or see about someone. Yes, she understood what life would be like married to a preacher—she’d seen it played out most of her life. Yes, she realized she was probably overreacting. Yes, she held she had a right to the way she felt—at least she was owning her feelings. Yes, he owed her a better explanation. No, she was not being insecure. Yes, this was the time to be discussing this. No, she didn’t care that he was tired.

“And what kind of a relationship did you two have that would cause you to just leave like you did and go see about her?” Theresa said.
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Wings of Grace is the sequel to Promises Beyond Jordan. Check them both out. People are raving about the sermons in both books, and the one in Chapter 32 of Wings of Grace will definitely give you some food for thought!
Vanessa Davis Griggs