Tuesday, September 05, 2006

What's Your Vision? Can You See Clearly Now?

Whew! It's been such a long time...

I wish I could say that I've been vacationing or chilling out which is why I've not updated this in a while. But the truth is, I've been working. Then when I finished, I was working some more. And I really need to hurry and get back because I have more work to do. What gives me joy is: The work I'm doing is either being shared with others right now, or it will be shared in 2007. And let me tell you, I'm so excited about what's coming beginning May 2007 (unless the date changes, it has been known to happen already).

I considered writing some things here that are fresh in my mind, but then I decided I'd rather share a few writings on my own place that I've shared with others on theirs. I've been writing a "column" the past few months called Writing the Vision; Making it Plain. It occurred to me that there are some people who only visit blogs and they may never get to read what I've written posted or printed in other places.

Let me set you up first. This is part inspirational and part educational. I wanted to give some nuggets for those folks interested in writing. But if any of you really know me (trust me, a lot of people think they know me, but they really don't have a clue), I care about everybody (okay, maybe not every single everybody, but a great many people) who have dreams. I know not everyone is interested in being a writer but many of you are interested in walking in your divine purpose and fulfilling your dreams (even in the face of your haters...yes, they are out there).

So without further adieu--I'll post these writings for you to read at your leisure. Then maybe next time, I'll talk a little more about my new books coming out beginning in May 2007!

Vanessa Davis Griggs


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