Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Banish Your World of the Green-Eyed Monster

So you've spotted "The green-eyed monster" (aka jealousy) lurking around and you want to know what to do about it? Trust me, this was not the next topic I planned to talk about here. I'm supposed to be sharing about my trip to Biltmore Castle which was nice and surreal in a way. It rained on my way there and during my stay. I drove and I am so glad I did. The mountains were awesome and I found myself in the middle of my own spiritualness as I realized those times I was right there with the mountains, actually going through many of the mountains at times. How do you go through a mountain?

Man in his wisdom has carved out highways down deep and placed a few tunnels when and where necessary. Little old me in my own powers (driving) was going through mountains much bigger than I just because someone believed in something others might have felt couldn't be done. "If I can't get around the mountain, over the mountain, then I'll just go through it." Which brings me back to jealousy.

The jealousy I'm talking about is not about somebody taking (or trying to take) your man or your woman. It's the feeling you have when someone else gets something you feel you should have gotten. Or when someone else is somewhere great in their life even though you started out before them or you've worked just as hard or harder yet they happened to be in the "right place at the right time" and got what you feel you should have. It's when you just know you're better but someone else gets the reward. How do you end up "all right" (other than faking it, can I get an Amen?) when your heart is heavy and you don't really want to be in that place of being down?

You must make yourself realize that whatever is for you, is for you. Say this with me: "What is for me, is for me and can't nobody stop it." Quit looking at other folks and comparing yourself, your accomplishments, your measure of success against someone else. This is about you and it's not about comparisons to others. You are you. You are great. And you know this. So what if other folks don't know it or acknowledge it. Others should not be the ones to define you or be the end all of what you've done or how great you are.

What if you got what the other person got but what was for you was so great that it was just taking a bit longer? Do you really want to settle for mediocre when there is something better for you only because it would make you feel better to have it now? I know it's hard to see others seemingly win when you feel like you were deserving if not instead of, at least also. But here's your test question: Can you be happy for someone else's good fortune? Promotion? New house? Great job? Wonderful children while yours are giving you a fit and you know you don't deserve it because you were the one who tried to do the right thing...(insert what's applicable to you here.)

Beeeeeeep! This is a test. It's only a test. If you can't be happy for someone else, why should anyone be happy for you? This is a test. Can you still smile and tell yourself, "It won't be long now! Wow, I'm excited for this person because they got theirs and mine is on the way! Oh, it's going to be so great when mine comes to me." No, my name is not Pollyanna. I am Vanessa Davis Griggs. An author and a speaker who believes that there really is enough for everybody. One who believes in giving my best and yes, I want great things to happen in my life, but in the meantime, I shall rejoice in your success. Now all I ask of you who already have your is this: Don't hate when I get mine. And don't feel like mine is better than what you got and say, "It's not fair!" Jealousy can be such an ugly thing and you're so much better than that.

Remember: You're not defeated, yours is just taking a little longer because greatness requires a little extra. If you can't go around the mountain or over the mountain, then I say to you, "Carve out a tunnel and go through it!"

Until next time...
Vanessa Davis Griggs
Author of: Promises Beyond Jordan & Wings of Grace


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