Monday, August 29, 2005

What Does 2005 Have to Do With Grace

I know it's been a while since I said I would post about my Biltmore Castle visit, but if you only knew how busy things are for me (not complaining) then you'll give me a little grace. In fact, did you know that this is 2005 and the number 5 is associated with grace? Well, it's true. So although I didn't plan it this way, my latest novel, Wings of Grace was released in 05 and grace is in the title.

In actuality, I wrote the book in 2003 and I never intended to name it Wings of Grace (I know you want to hear about my trip to Biltmore Castle; I'm getting there). I originally had the words WINGS OF GRACE in my novel called Promises Beyond Jordan. If you haven't read that one (oh, you plan to read it...oh, all right ;-) I have a church in there called Wings of Grace Faith Ministry Church where the good-looking, dreadlocks-wearing, Word-teaching, Holy-Ghost preaching George Landris is the pastor. So when I was asking God what the name of the new book was to be, I heard WINGS OF GRACE. Well, I thought God was telling me to join this dance team (because I can dance) called WINGS OF GRACE. I signed up, went to orientation, and then I broke my toe (the little piggy that had roast beef, not the little piggy who had none). So there I was on my way to Ann Arbor, Michigan working on a magazine (that's another story) trying to pretend that I had only stumped my toe.

The baby was broke, y'all! Broke-N. And do you know what they do with a broken toe that's in the middle of all your other toes. Nothing. You wrap that baby up and pray it heals straight (I'm telling too much of my business here!). Anyway, back to the dance team. God let me know (through a series of mishaps: the dance team not being so together that they weren't telling me dates of when they were meeting, then they were cancelling others and forgotting to tell me about that--hey, maybe they were trying to tell me something. Hmmm) that when God said WINGS OF GRACE, He was meaning the name of my book. So here I am in 2005 with a book about wings (Vanessa means butterfly) and grace (favor) in the year of grace.

My trip. Believe it or not, I began this post planning to tell you about my trip, but I digressed so much on something else, this would be too long to read. So I'm going to end this post right here, and begin another in a few minutes to talk soley about my Biltmore Birthday Trip.

See you in a minute (unless you're reading this after both have been posted, in which case, you've probably already read Biltmore and you wonder what I'm babbling about down here). Grace, you guys. Remember, all of us need a little grace!

Vanessa Davis Griggs
Author of: Promises Beyond Jordan & Wings of Grace


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