Monday, August 29, 2005

Vanessa's Biltmore Estate Birthday Visit

Finally! Vanessa will be sharing with you here about her visit to Biltmore Estate.

I left on Sunday Morning, early enough to get to Asheville, North Carolina by 12 noon or at least 1 p.m. That didn't happen. Instead, I arrived around 3:30 p.m. It should have been a six-hour drive and I was really making good time. It was raining, which I was hoping it wouldn't since I wanted to walk around the grounds while there. I have all the photos on my Web site: so if you want to see them without much commentary as is the case here, then just click over and take a look.

Going through parts of Tennesee like Knoxville, you see huge mountains. There's Look Out Mountain and Tennessee's mountains are indeed impressive. I live in Alabama and we have mountains. But I have NEVER seen mountains like what I experienced in Asheville, North Carolina. And I must confess, I was in awe. They were so beautiful, I never thought I would go ga-ga over mountains. I've actually been stuck on a mountain in Alabama back when I worked for BellSouth and I had to go to work in the snow. I ended up on a sheet of ice that had me frozen for about 15 minutes afraid to take my foot off the brakes, for fear I would slide right off that mountain never to be heard from again. So yes, I have seen mountains, but nothing as special as what I saw as I drove and arrived in Asheville, North Carolina.

The reason I was so late getting to Biltmore was because of a terrible accident about 11 miles out from the Biltmore exit. We sat on the freeway for over an hour. Has anyone noticed there's a gas price hike going on. We sat there with our cars running hoping things would start moving soon. They didn't. People got smart (me included) and began turning off their cars. Unlike me, they started getting out of their vehichles to walk and talk to one another. Oh, it was beautiful sitting in my car watching people weaving in and out of vehicles to talk with other folks waaaay back. So even if things had started up soon (which they didn't) these same people would have delayed us because they were making dates and doing a meet and greet.

There's a bug happening here and it says my photos have been uploaded but they aren't here. So if you want to see any of my pictures online, visit and click on the Biltmore Castle Visit link.

Vanessa Davis Griggs
Author of: Wings of Grace


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